The Power of Knowledge

Brand Commercial

“On a frozen morning in the midst of winter, sunlight stretching across the icy ground, a deer rouses itself from deep in the parkland shrubs, its antlers piercing through the misty haze.  Five young athletes are challenged and put through their paces. With grit and determination etched on their faces they’re pushed to their physical limits, striving to achieve the peak of fitness.” 

This is the story we created for Vortex Nutrition, a company that produces premium grade supplements to improve the energy, strength and performance of sportsmen and women in training. The video centres around how the guidance of an expert can turn good intentions into meaningful goals. Working closely with the founder, Coach Lloyd, the settings and scenarios were all carefully crafted to convey the central brand message of Vortex – how the power of knowledge can drive you to a higher physical plane.

Azaad Media was responsible for all aspects of the commercial from the concept and storyline to the photography, music composition and voiceovers. The footage will be used throughout Vortex Nutrition’s brand campaign including its website, social media and all other marketing channels.