Who we are

We all have a story to tell. At Azaad Media, it’s our job to help you tell yours.


Who we are

We all have a story to tell. At Azaad Media, it’s our job to help you tell yours.

Stories, myths and legends have long stoked our imaginations, stirred our emotions and connected us to others. They are what make us human. And where there is a story, there is an audience waiting to watch and listen.

We believe that every product, service or organisation has its own narrative. The way you convey that narrative is what makes you stand out to your customers, find new ones or capture the attention of employees. The most powerful way to do this is through imagery. Be it film, photography or animation, if you can generate an emotional connection – empathy, laughter, nostalgia, surprise – the relationship you have with your audience is deeper, longer lasting and more meaningful.

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Why we’re different?

The meaning of Azaad in Persian is ‘free’.

The meaning of Azaad in Persian is ‘free’. We pride ourselves on not being constrained by rules and convention. We’ll challenge you to think differently. We’ll make complex ideas simple and compelling.

Whether it’s a brand promotion, online training or a corporate video, we will create original and engaging stories to get your message across in a visual format, whatever your budget.

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